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0 The Long & Short of It

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Cluttered Tempe, Arizona home. And it’s a short sale, of course. Snap, crackle, pop. The pantry is open, literally. At least the pot rack is cleared off. There’s more stuff. [...]
All these years your home was filled with laughter and the sweet babble of your kids. Suddenly you realize that they are grown up and have decided to move out [...]
Are you bored of the same kitchen walls and color? If you have been staying in this home for long, chances are that the walls also display some modern artwork [...]

0 Tips for New Cooks

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The utensils in our kitchen portray the amount of cooking done in our house. If the utensils and glassware look sparkling clean with the labels still on, you can make [...]

1 Do You Have A Screw Driver Set?

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Sometimes it is really frustrating when a door does not close properly just because it has a loose screw. You can fix such minor issues yourself if you keep a [...]
I know you must be thinking I have gone nuts after reading the title. This one is really interesting. You will like this tip after reading it. There are times when [...]

0 How to Keep Fruits Fresh

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The best thing would be to finish fruits as soon as possible before they become stale and lose their moisture. But to keep them fresh even as you are consuming [...]

0 Multiple Uses of Baking Soda

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During spring time, all of us feel like going out in the open and enjoying a sumptuous barbeque party with friends. But hey! Is that greasy mess not ready to [...]
Selling a home without a real estate broker’s services has its own advantages and disadvantages. The only advantage according to me is that you save on the commission that he [...]

1 Selling Home Tips

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Before selling your home, you need to take care of certain things. Is your home in a god condition? This means that is it free from leaks and worn out [...]